Lemon Essential Oil


This oil can be used in so many ways.  YL Lemon Oil is approved to be GRAS by the FDA.  This oil that comes in our Vitality line (white label) can be used in tea for flavor or to help clear the senses.  I love it in hot tea with honey during a cold.  I do not like lemon juice in tea for the same because I don’t like the sour taste.

Add an extra punch to recipes with two or three drops of Lemon. Great in yogurt or tea.  Lemon helps with nausea

Lemon oil in general can be used well to up lift your spirit.  Create a clean smell and great for cleaning btw lemon oil does a great job on sticky residue but don’t use it on plastic.  Lemon (all citrus oils) can eat thru and damage plastic and don’t use if you are going out in the sun on your skin.  The oil reacts to the sun and can cause burning.

Other uses:

Add to moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes

Add to conditioner to smooth and shine hair.

ON THE NET…do some research you may find that Lemon can help with fever, infections, asthma, increase concentration, mind clarity, help immune system, dandruff, nails, obesity, stomach problems and energy levels.

By all means use your lemons also.   Lemon oil does not expire or spoil so it is a nice to have in my home.





Copaiba  is believed to

  •  enhance the appearance of healthy looking skin
  • increase Focus
  • Post workout massage
  • create warm & inviting space
  • Promote wellness

As always this is just an idea board.  I found many of the items below in the Reference guide…do your own research see what is out there.

Possible other uses:

. Anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, stimulant circulatory system

. Anxiety, muscle aches, pain, amplify other oils

. Calms the mind

. Can trigger natural reaction to inflammation

LIME essential oil



  • uplifting
  • refreshing
  • helps creativity
  • healthier looking skin
  • can be used with baking soda to freshen fridge

Other uses I found online.  Search for yourself and see what you can find.  I have no knowledge as to weather these things work and everyone is different.

  • Organic Facts list Lime is good for: infection, antiseptic (tetanus) sores (ulcers, rash of the skin), colds (bronchitis), toothaches (strengthen gums), diarrhea and increase appetite among other things.
  • Mercola: relieve stress, exhaustion, sinusitis, sore throat, arthritis, Varicose veins,  acne, and even frizzy or dull hair.  Cleaning like lemon to remove sticky residue.


Oregano OIL

oregano-leavesI thought I would try to learn more about each oil.  I will tackle one oil a week and hopefully learn a lot along the way.  I decided to start with Oregano because I know very little and I am finding it has many uses.

Oregano can:

  • Relax tired muscles
  • Help you wind down before bedtime

Some online research resulted in this list of possible benefits:

  • Antibiotic  (Purdue tells us they use it for their chickens in the advertisement)
  • might lower cholesterol
  • may help with yeast infections
  • helps with gut health
  • Anti inflamatory
  • relieves pain
  • used to fight off cold symptoms
  • May help with weight loss
  • helps reduce allergic reaction

I am just trying to toss out and remember POSSIBLE uses for each oil. Think of this as an IDEA BOARD.  If you are wondering about any of the items I am listing do a search online for suggestions and recipes.

I am reading that this is a very STRONG oil.  So not to be used directly without a carrier oil and that means be sure you have spoken to a doctor and did your research.

Wow I had no idea.  Maybe Oregano needs to be in more of my dishes.


August 2020